Monday, May 12, 2014

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Monday, August 26, 2013

June 11 - August 24 - Summer in Colorado

Andrea and I drove to Colorado in my trailer to spend the summer in the cabin away from the Texas heat.  I took lots and lots of pictures but have only included a few here.  Here's a link to all of the pictures we took.  Colorado Summer 2013

We had such a good time and never got bored. Had a lot of work to do when we got there, getting the cabin livable again.  It was a real mess what with the leaking roof, electricity not working and all of the mouse trash.  But we got a new roof, all new electric and water pump stuff, and cleaned up the mouse mess.  Enjoyed having the 2 cats (Piedra and Kitty) and the dog (Culver) to keep us company and entertained.  The visitors we had were Gene Marshall, Melissa Pulley, Emily McBurney, and Jan Crutchfield.  Also, Jana and Phil Aikman were there at their house in Pagosa Springs this summer and we spent a lot of time with them.  They picked us up for adventures a couple of times (Durango and Farmingtion) and we went to their house a few times to go hiking and exploring and just visiting. We also spent a lot of time with Jim and Jean Robinett.  They were so good to us and we were so glad they were still there and had not sold and moved yet.  Wonder what it'll be like when they've moved to Durango?  They let us use their internet and were just so sweet and helpful to us.  Will really miss them.

We went to the Ute casino in Ignacio a couple of times to eat and play the slots.  It was fun and we made a little money ($30 or so, we are really high rollers).  Went to a couple of movies and did some shopping.  Played in the river a lot and had lots of excitement with our new inner tubes.  Rode the motorcycles and hiked.  Played lots and lots of card games and read.  Was a really relaxing summer and we're already looking forward to going back next year.

Andrea really wanted to stay through September too, but I insisted on coming back so I could go to the Texas football games.  Looking back as I write this in September after the 1st 3 weeks of football and the continuing hot weather, that was a really bad mistake.  Yuck.  Depending on what happens with new coaches and stuff (I hope!) I may want to just go ahead and stay longer next year.

Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Breckenridge Ski Trip 3/9 - 3/16

I'm really behind on my blogging and writing this in September, so I don't really remember this trip much (that's why I do this blog in the first place, to help me remember, so, FAIL!).  I do remember that Sharon and I drove out on Friday and spent the night in Raton. We took the back way through Canon City and Fairplay.  It was snowing a lot, hard to see, and the road was pretty snowy so it took us a little longer than usual.  Wasn't sure that was the best way but I wanted to try it anyway and it worked out ok.  Going over the pass was an adventure though, and the road closed a few hours after we made it through.  Probably not going to do it that way again if the weather is bad.

Melissa and Emily were supposed to go with us, but Emily went to New York with her father instead, and Melissa decided not to go for some reason I can't remember.  Her new job maybe?  Or maybe she hadn't started working there yet.  Anyway, I asked Gene Dickey at the last minute if he and his family wanted to go.  Tracy and Brandon were going to Europe on a school trip and the other guys had nothing to do, so Gene and Matt and Drew drove out on Sunday or Monday and joined us.

We had a really good time and the weather was great.  I even skiied a double black diamond off of Peak 10 so I could get a geocache.  It was pretty scary, deep snow, narrow chutes and very steep.  I finally got to the tree the cache was at and searched for a long time before finding it tied to a branch.  Then I realized I had forgotten a pen!  I knew I'd never get back there, once was pushing me to the limit as it was.  So, I took a picture, tried to scratch my name in the log with a twig, and logged it online anyway.  As far as I'm concerned, it counts! That was the most challenging single cache I've ever done, terrain-wise anyway.  Found another cache in the trees under the C-lift off of American.  It took a lot of searching and digging in the snow, but I didn't give up (since I was alone) so finally got it.  Here's a couple of links to my logs for these caches: Peak 10 cache   American cache

Even though it was spring break it was not very crowded.  It snowed a lot while we were there, but the back road was clear when we left, so we went back that way too. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Costa Rica Day 12 - San Jose to Dallas to Austin

Long day traveling - I got really sick on the plane and filled up a barf bag, several of them in fact.  Oops.  Oh well, at least it waited until the good stuff was over. Finally got home around 5:30 or 6.  Now all unpacked, everything is clean and I'm ready for my next trip. 

This was a really great trip and I recommend it to anyone who loves to look at lots of pretty scenery, see different animals and birds in the wild, eat lots of good food and meet some really nice people. I plan to try and go on a really nice trip with this group (Collete Explorations and Sue Steakley) every year until I'm too old to enjoy myself any more.  There's no use just sitting home in my chair goofing around on the computer and watching TV ALL the time.  I might as well do it while I still can, even if I do clench up when thinking about the cost.  I'm trying to be less of a miser (thrifty?) and stop worrying about spending money.

It IS nice to be back in my own bed though.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Costa Rica Day 11 - Tarcoles to Sarchi to San Jose

Brochure:  After breakfast, travel to Sarchi, an important crafts center • Learn about the traditional crafts of this region and witness local artisans as they produce colorful oxcarts • Tour the Espiritu Santo Coffee Plantation which highlights the history and cultivation of coffee and its importance to the Costa Rican economy • Journey back to San Jose for your farewell dinner and overnight stay.
The day went pretty much as described. Both of the tours were neat and the drive wasn't too long. We went swimming when we got to the hotel but the water was too cold. The hot tub was amazing but just barely tolerable - barely even warm. Had a nice goodbye dinner and we face timed Heather to say goodbye too.  Afterwards, a bunch of us found a not-so-hidden room / area and had an impromptu talent show. "Put My Little Shoes Away" anyone? We got too loud, too late and I guiltily slunk away.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Costa Rica Day 10 - Tarcoles and Manuel Antonio National Park

Brochure:  Explore spectacular Manuel Antonio National Park, known for its pristine beaches and primary forest • Spend the morning leisurely walking the forest trails in search of native inhabitants like the three-toed sloth, agoutis, squirrel monkeys and iguanas • Take a swim in the inviting blue waters of its beaches • Relax for the rest of the day by the pool and absorb the natural beauty of your surroundings • This evening, enjoy dinner by the beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean (weather permitting).
Had breakfast at the hotel as usual, and there were monkeys everywhere. It was so cool to see them running around everywhere.

Went to the park described above, but it wasn't leisurely. Took 2 hours to get there, then only had 2 hours there before we had to get cleaned up and head to lunch, which took forever, then 2 hours back to our hotel. Don't want to walk on the beach now since I just got cleaned up.  Saw a monkey close up though, so there's that.Think I'll sit by the pool awhile then go watch sunset on the beach. Not going in the water though.

Later: Emily and I got cleaned up then went out exploring.Walked back to the close beach but couldn't find the other one. Finally went back to our room to rest until dinner because it was so humid and the bugs were starting to get to be too much. That was the first time they have been a real bother. Drove a short distance to dinner, it was really good.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Costa Rica Day 9 - Arenal to Tarcoles

Brochure:  Travel the beautiful checkered landscape surrounding Lake Arenal while en route to the Pacific coast • After arriving at your destination, the remainder of your day is at leisure • Explore the natural surroundings and exotic wildlife.
9a Took my last volcano pictures, it was really smoking today.  We're leaving soon for our last stop, hate for this to be over.

11p Drove a lot today but stopped after lunch for a jungle cruise on the something-something river. It was very relaxing and pleasant, but we were supposed to see a lot of big crocodiles and only saw 2 or 3. we did see lots of varieties of birds though. Had a nice dinner outdoors there and then finally got to our hotel on the Pacific ocean around 8pm. It's a very large complex and 4 of us ladies went exploring and found the beach in the dark. Going to bed now, good night.