Thursday, June 19, 2008

South Dakota trip

It's really July 2 but I'm pre-dating these entries so the dates will match the activities. For those of you who don't know the story - here's the setup. My brother Tim (Orlando) and his best friend from high school Bill (Edmond, OK) since before they were born (parents were best friends too) turned 60 this year and decided to take a trip to Deadwood, South Dakota to ride their Harleys. I invited myself along, then so did Emily (Temple), who also is turning 60 this year and has been friends with them since before birth too (her parents and our parents were all bestest friends for all their lives and her little sister Andrea was my best friend when we were growing up). So we decided to also take Bill's 90-yr old dad with us, Big Bill (see, there's little bill and big bill, even tho Big Bill is now skinny and little and Little Bill is now not, ha, ha). Ruth and Judy were coming too but Judy had to back out at the last minute so it was just going to be the 6 of us. Anybody not confused yet?

OK, South Dakota here we come! Emily and BIll and I set off for OK today, leaving Andrea and Sophia all sad that they weren't coming with us. Too bad!!! Nyah, nyah, nyah. Little Bill's house in Edmond is really pretty and the neighborhood is beautiful. We had a nice evening there.

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