Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heading to Queenstown

Fri 11:30 am NZ time
We're in the airport waiting for our flight to Queenstown. I sweet-talked the lady @ the Air New Zealand club to give me a guest password so we could "internet-it" while we wait - she was very nice & even gave us better seats.

We didn't do too much yesterday: slept late, walked around, went to the musuem, walked around some more, rested, went out for a nice dinner.

I'm a little worried about tomorrow - Melissa may make me bungy jump. Eek!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Zealand countryside

Wed, 5pm
We're on our way back to Auckland after spending the day on & off a tour bus. We saw glowworm caves, toured a sheep farm & saw lots of different animals & watched a guy shear a sheep, & then went to a Maori villiage & saw the Haka dance & some geysers.

It was a pretty good day but I think Melissa was a little underwhelmed - she didn't complain tho and I sat next to her all day without annoying her - or at least she was kind enough to hide it.

Oh, she got the email she was waiting for & got to apply for her student visa last night so that problem is hopefully solved. Tomorrow we're sleeping late & then I'm letting Melissa plan the day.

New Zealand Day 1

6am Tues
Well, I went to sleep on the plane Sunday night & woke up Tuesday morning. Funny, it doesn't feel like I slept for 30 hours.

We're here in Auckland. Everything went smoothly & we got to our hotel but couldn't check in yet so we're just walking around & stuff. We went up to the top of the skytower (highest bldg in southern hemisphere) & are now resting on the grass in a pretty little park. Our hotel is right downtown so that's good. We'll probably clean up & rest up for a few hours & then take a city bus to see the sights.

Tomorrow we have an all-day tour planned to caves & hot springs & stuff.

I'm really tired. We walked a lot this afternoon - rode a ferry to an island and explored around, and went to a bar that's all made out of ice. It wasn't as interesting as Azure said - maybe a different one, but it was OK. I'm going to sleep soon ..... good night all!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

So far, so good

Sunday 27 - 8am
So far, so good. Our bags are checked through to Auckland so we don't have to hassle with them in Dallas or LA. We're about to board for Dallas.

Our 9am flight was delayed but we got here early so they put us on the 8:30 flight, which ended up leaving @ 9. I was worried about my ears hurting cause I'm all stopped up but I'm not feeing a thing - whew!

First glitch was in Dallas, but it turned out to be minor. Melissa couldn't chk in & get a boarding pass because her student visa hasn't come thru yet & her return flight is more than 3 months out, so we had to go to the ticket counter outside security. No trouble getting it there tho - luckily she got a regular visa last nite online. We did have to go back thru security. It was very lo-tech tho, compared to Austin & was very slow.

On our way to LA. Tiny plane (united express). 1st casualty of the trip: I left my Analog (sci-fi magazine) on the plane - hadn't even started reading it yet. Oh well.

3pm la time
We're here & at our gate- flight leaves @ 9p. Hooray!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ready to go!

I'm all ready to go - suitcase is packed and room is clean. Melissa still hasn't packed yet, but she's all "pre-packed". Since we're traveling around before she ends up in Melbourne we're only taking 1 big suitcase each and 1 carry-on. Melissa will have to pack light and just get other stuff she needs there.

Sharon has contact numbers for each hotel if needed and here is our itinerary:

Leave Austin ........... Sunday - Jan 27
Arrive Auckland ....... Jan 29, 30, 31
Fly to Queenstown .... Feb 1,2,3,4
Fly to Sydney ........... Feb 5,6,7
Fly to Cairns ............ Feb 8,9,10,11
Fly to Melbourne ...... Feb 12,13,14
Fly Home ............... Friday - Feb 15

Here are the excursions I've signed up for:
Auckland ..... waitomo & rotorua day trip - glowworm caves
Queensland ...milford sound coach & cruise
................ shotover jet boat ride
................ and maybe bungee jumping????
Sydney ......... Blue Mtns & Australian wildlife tour
................ City tour
Cairns ....... Kuranda scenic rail & sky-rail
................ outer reef & michaelmas cay cruise
Melbourne ... just trying to get Melissa squared away

Monday, January 21, 2008

Melissa & Mack

Here's a picture of Melissa and Mack Brown at the football banquet. This was a test to see if I could post pictures, but I AM a computer genius after all.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first post

Hi all - I've started this blog to keep everyone (all 2 or 3 people I know) updated on my travels this year. Instead of emailing everyone I'll just put stuff of interest here. Hopefully, I'll figure out how to post pictures too.

We leave next Sunday and I haven't started packing yet. Yes, yes, I know - it's way too early to pack but normally I would've already finished. I'm trying to be more laid back in my old age. Not that laid back tho - I'm going to start tomorrow!