Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Zealand countryside

Wed, 5pm
We're on our way back to Auckland after spending the day on & off a tour bus. We saw glowworm caves, toured a sheep farm & saw lots of different animals & watched a guy shear a sheep, & then went to a Maori villiage & saw the Haka dance & some geysers.

It was a pretty good day but I think Melissa was a little underwhelmed - she didn't complain tho and I sat next to her all day without annoying her - or at least she was kind enough to hide it.

Oh, she got the email she was waiting for & got to apply for her student visa last night so that problem is hopefully solved. Tomorrow we're sleeping late & then I'm letting Melissa plan the day.

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Tim said...

Good pictures. Sounds like both of you are having fun. Thanks for keeping me informed. Looks like I am the only one posting comments though. Here it is Thursday am. Ruth and I are in Dallas. Looks like Chris may come home Saturday. Hope so. Take care and keep on posting.