Sunday, January 27, 2008

So far, so good

Sunday 27 - 8am
So far, so good. Our bags are checked through to Auckland so we don't have to hassle with them in Dallas or LA. We're about to board for Dallas.

Our 9am flight was delayed but we got here early so they put us on the 8:30 flight, which ended up leaving @ 9. I was worried about my ears hurting cause I'm all stopped up but I'm not feeing a thing - whew!

First glitch was in Dallas, but it turned out to be minor. Melissa couldn't chk in & get a boarding pass because her student visa hasn't come thru yet & her return flight is more than 3 months out, so we had to go to the ticket counter outside security. No trouble getting it there tho - luckily she got a regular visa last nite online. We did have to go back thru security. It was very lo-tech tho, compared to Austin & was very slow.

On our way to LA. Tiny plane (united express). 1st casualty of the trip: I left my Analog (sci-fi magazine) on the plane - hadn't even started reading it yet. Oh well.

3pm la time
We're here & at our gate- flight leaves @ 9p. Hooray!


Tim said...

Hello sister. Hope the long flight from LAX to NZ was ok. It is Monday morning here, and I guess sometime Tuesday there. this will keep me confused the whole trip. Great updates so far. Much more than I expected. I feel like I am right on the plane beside you. You must be having a lot of downtime in airports. I dom't expect the multiple post a day to continue once you arrive but they are fun now. Have a safe and fun trip.

Tim said...

WoW, I just checked the time differences. You are 6 hours earlier and 1 day later. Since it is 9:00 am here and you are arriving about 9:00 am, you still have about 6 more hours to get there. That is one long flight. Looks like 30 hours from Austin to NZ total travel time.

Kay said...

I gave up trying to figure out how long it took - seemed like forever. Had 2 Hr wait in Dallas and 7 or 8 hrs wait in LA. We were reeeling last night but have now recovered. When I come back I think I get home before I leave or something like that.