Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Breckenridge Ski Trip 2/4 - 3/1

Fri -  Melissa and I left Austin at 9:15 am and had an uneventful and pleasant drive to Raton, arriving there at 8:45 pm, only took 11.5 hours. The road from Dumas to Raton is much better than it used to be.

Sat - We left Raton at 9:15 and got to the condo at 1:15, exactly 4 hours. We took the back way thru Canon City and Fairplay (otherwise known as Southpark). The room wasn't ready, so we ate lunch at Quandry Grill, went and picked up David's lift ticket pass, and dug our boots out of the car and got our skis rented.  David got in around 5 and he got his rental stuff and we walked around the ski village and then went and got groceries. It was too late to go out and eat because of the crowds, so we just made dinner in the room.

Sun - David did an all day ski lesson so Melissa and I skied together all day. Snow is good, not crowded, good weather. I tried to find a cache, found the first stage easily but not the second. Crawled around in the deep snow for a long time looking but no luck. Melissa's feet got really cold so after skiing we went and bought heaters for her boots. We went out to eat at the Breckenridge Brewery, very good food.

Mon - We all skied together today, was another good day. After skiing stopped for a snack at Quandry but ate too much so didn't want dinner. Going to bed early again because we're all tired.

Tues - It snowed a lot today and was really windy; the skiing was pretty hard and riding the lifts was cold and windy. I made tacos for dinner and we ate in.

Wed - Best day so far, sunny and I was strong.  Melissa's feet were hurting though, so she and David quit early.  We ate a big lunch on the mountain so just snacked for dinner.

Thu - It was snowy again today.  I went out before the kids and had a good day, but I quit early because I was getting tired.  Melissa and David went out and had a good day.  We got home and all packed up and left around 5P.  It was still snowing but I70 was not bad so we made good time to Denver.  Started snowing again after Colorado Springs and was really bad off and on until Trinidad.  Road was bad in some places but mostly it was just the blowing snow making it really hard to see.  Had to slow down to 30-40 in some places.  Finally cleared up before we had to go over Raton Pass, so we kept going.  Made it home around 11:30 AM.

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