Saturday, May 24, 2008

May post

It's May and I haven't posted anything this month! I actually am traveling today, tho I don't know if coming up to Temple to spend the night should count. Andrea's not even here - she went to Boulder this week so I'm staying here alone. But that's ok cause I'm staying up all night on her computer (drank too much diet coke earlier).

I came up to visit with Mary & Gary and her family - they're visiting this weekend and won't be coming back for the reunion in August. I did a little geocaching (my new hobby) on the way up here - took me 5 hours to get from Austin to Temple, and an awful lot of sweat too! After I got here and got cleaned up and got Andrea's digital TV box and new printer installed, I called Emily and she said to meet her at the French Quarter. So I drove over there and found Emily, Robert, Charles & Sophia, Chuck & Kathy, Paul & Amy and the kids - big crowd and we all ate and visited. Then I went to get the geocache that was right there and went driving around for a few more before it got dark.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to visit with the Newburns, then heading home to go to the movie with Sharon. We still haven't seen Iron Man and also want to see Indiana Jones this weekend. 3 more weeks till the big trip!

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