Monday, April 14, 2008

Home from Spain

Mon pm

We're home! The flights went well, although we had a close call with the connection in Boston. We had 2 hrs between flights, but there was a mob getting bags and going through customs, then re-checking the bags back thru. They just had us leave our bags and go, so I had a suspicion that the bags wouldn't get to the next flight on time, and they didn't. We had to hotfoot it to the shuttle bus and run to make our DFW connection but we did. Finally got to Austin at midnight and waited for bags that didn't come, but we were expecting that. Was first in line to fill out the lost bag form so we didn't have to wait too long at the airport.

Got to sleep late this morning and recover and our bags just arrived, so we're home free. Ebony is back from the kennel and she survived, so all is well. Sharon's doing her laundry and I'm going to go see if all my shows recorded - got lots to catch up on - LOST!!!!!

Oh, Melissa, I had about 25 Euros left at the airport, so we bought 2 huge bars of Toblerone and a bag of mini-toblerones!!!!!! Sorry!!!! mmmmmmm

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