Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sat 8PMWell, we´re in for the night and getting ready for bed. We rested a while and then Elisha came over and we went on a walking tour and had tapas and some gellato. I took a few pictures and am posting them. We´re staying in the old part of Madrid and it´s really pretty - lots of plazas and little tiny streets with outdoor restaurants and roving accordian players. Tomorrow we´re going to some sort of outdoor market and maybe a museum or 2.

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Melissa said...

WOW!!! i totally didn't remember exactly when you were going to Spain and I was thinking to myself how odd it was I hadn't gotten your twice a day emails, so I decided to check your blog and it turns out you're already in Spain!!! cooool!! it looks so pretty and your hotel sounds a whole lot better than the ones we stayed in haha!!! Hope you're having a super fun time!