Friday, April 11, 2008

San Lorenzo de el Escorial

Fri PM

Today we took an hour bus ride to San Lorenzo de el Escorial to see the Royal Monastery. When it was built in 1563 (took 21 years) and for many years afterwards, it was the largest building in the world. Lots of churchy paintings, stone hallways, king´s palace stuff, huge and beautiful basilica, painted ceilings, and the Royal Pantheon - burial place of all the kings of spain and relatives. It was pretty neat. It was really cold and windy too - it´s up in the mountains and there´s a tiny, cute town next door.

Now I´m browsing AA website to see if our flights from Boston and DFW are going to be cancelled. Thurs both flights were cancelled, Friday´s flights I won´t know for a few hours. Maybe we´ll get to spend a couple of days in Boston. Both flights (Boston to DFW and DFW to Austin) are on the MD-80s which have been grounded.

No plans for tomorrow - maybe just hang out. Maybe the sun will come out again.

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