Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Museum Day

Tues 10pm

OK, this first picture is for Melissa - we´re seeing lots of smart cars here but this one was particularly cute.

Last night we met Elisha and she took us to a favorite place for dinner with her friend Sara. It was another bar. I think the only place she knows to go eat at are bars that serve tapas, so that´s what we had. They were really good - the second picture is a shish-kabob thingy that comes hanging from a stand.

Today we took the metro down to the museum area. We tried to go to the Sophia art museum, but it is closed on Tues, so we walked down to the Prado and saw lots and lots of paintings and sculptures. Finally got arted out after a few hours. Then we walked around the city a long ways in the govt buildings and museums area and wound up at the Hard Rock cafe so of course, had to go in and eat lunch and buy tshirts. Then took about an hour to walk back to the hotel via a round-about route cause I had left the street map in the room, so we walked from metro station to metro station and figured out our route that way. The metro maps don´t really show any streets or street names, but we knew which metro station we wanted to end up at.

Stayed in a couple of hours and rested up, then decided to go to a movie. Went down to the Plaza Espana where there are a lot of theatres, some that show Original Version movies that are subtitled. Went to see Juno - really tiny theatre - good movie. They didn´t sell popcorn or anything tho, booo! Tomorrow, road trip to Segovia.


Melissa said...

Looks like you're having fun!

I want a smartcar!

Tim said...

Hello Sister,

Looks like you are having a great time. Love the pictures. Glad the weather is nice. Keep posting and we will keep reading. This does'nt seem to work with your daughter though. :)

Stay safe, keep having fun

Carol Lee said...

I LOVE your trip blog!! I think you made a mistake taking the super fast train! Stopping at every little town and watching the people come and go would have been very interesting to me!! See and feel the Spanish Culture!! How GREAT!! Maybe we'll get the band to play a Spanish piece in your honor!!
If you see anything resembling a polka hat, get me one! I think that would be in Switzerland, though. But, nevertheless, IF you see one, get it for me!
Carol Lee