Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mmmm, Hot Chocolate


We didn´t do too much today - just went to the Puerta de Sol and Plaza Mayor areas and walked around and watched all the tourists. Lots of shops, plazas with outdoor cafes, and wandering entertainers. A brass band, various statue-type mimes (pretending to be a statue then move and scare people), acordian players and stuff. It was sunny but cool, so we sat and had a hot chocolate and pastry. The hot chocolate was NOT hot choc milk, it was more like hot Hershey´s syrup, just a little thinner than that - yum.

Then we walked around some more, met Elisha, walked around some more, stopped for a drink at a sidewalk cafe, then went inside another and had a late lunch. Then we walked back to the hotel. Now we´re resting and packing - leaving in the morning. Looks like our flights have not been canceled, at least so far, so hopefully the airports won´t be too crowded.

Instead of going out for dinner tonight, we went to TGI Friday's and each had a nice, large chocolate dessert. MMMM

Bye for now.

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