Thursday, February 7, 2013

Costa Rica Day 5 - Sarapiqui

Brochure:  See firsthand the process of producing chocolate from the cacao bean • Learn the history and continuing importance of cacao to Central America's economy • Add some zest to your life with an exhilarating Sarapiqui River rafting adventure • Before tonight's dinner, a Costa Rican chef offers a cooking demonstration including the palmito (Hearts of Palm) picadillo, tortillas, plantains and refried beans.
11am Nice hike through the rain forest to a small clearing where they grow cacao beans.  They hand ground the bean and made hot cocoa like the natives did.  Then we got very dark chocolate liquid like a syrup, then 2 pieces of chocolate bar. Very tasty.

On the way back, Jan and Sue and I took a detour trail to find a geocache way back in the jungle. Ran almost all the way there and back and got back about 20 minutes after everyone else. Missed buying chocolate bars in the gift shop but it was worth it. Got back a little late to the bus and the guide was not pleased,  so I have to be on my best behavior for a few days, ha ha.

6pm Just got back from river rafting. That was so much fun, the weather was great and the whitewater was just the right amount to be fun but not scary for the novices. Some guys on the shore had caught a huge boa constrictor, so we stopped to get a closer look.  They are doing a cooking demonstration now, but of course I'm skipping that.

This is a really great trip, the things they've planned for us to do have all been lots of fun, so far.   Leaving tomorrow for Arenal volcano.

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