Saturday, February 9, 2013

Costa Rica Day 7 - Arenal

Brochure:  Share in the experience of a real “Costarican lechero” (Costa Rican milkman) • Learn about local fruits and organic farming during a tour of the family-owned Finca Don Carlos with fields of orchards, grasslands, medicinal plants, rivers and a private forest reserve • Follow a cheese-making demonstration with a traditional farm-style lunch • Spend the afternoon at leisure and enjoy the lodge's amenities, relax in a hot spring, explore nature trails or go horseback riding.
7am My internal clock is all screwed up from my roommate getting up at very early every day.  We could sleep in today but I woke up at 6:30 anyway. Oh well, might as well enjoy the sunrise. I'm going to have to train her to sleep in a little bit.

Going to the milk farm this morning and zip lining this pm.

6:30  Milk thing was pretty good but a little too long. Lunch was good. Saw another sloth or 2. I got to milk a cow and drink the warm milk. It was tasty.

The zip line was great. We drove to the other side of the volcano and up into the forest some. It was really long and fast and high. Much more so than the one in Athens. Looked like it might rain but it still hasn't. We're taking the bus to dinner somewhere because they're closing the restaurant here tonight for the police to use while investigating the double murder that took place last night up the road. It was the owner of the hotel and 2 of his sons.

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