Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another day, another 3 or 4 hundred dollars

Sun 1 pm
This am we went jet-boating. The jet-boat was great! It made me miss the jet ski. It was a lot like that only faster & dryer. It was in a narrow canyon & the driver tried to scare us.

Those betting on me doing the bungy jump just lost their bet - sorry. I wasn't confident that I would be able to go thru with it, once push came to shove (so to speak) so, not wanting to waste my money, I decided to go as a spectator.

Melissa is going to do it tho - she chose the highest one - 134 meters into a canyon - 8.5 secs fall time. Brave girl.

GOOD CHOICE!!! There's no way they'd have gotten me off that ledge. It was a lot of fun watching tho & melissa thought it was great - she didn't even scream much. I'm trying to upload a short movie of her jumping off - hopefully it finishes uploading before we run out of computer battery juice.


lglg said...

OMG...Melissa you have the fearlessness of Arragon....can't wait to see the video of your jump. Larry

lglg said...

Oopps, found it...never in the world would I do that!!

Tim said...

WoW, am I impressed. That was quite a jump. Great video, thanks for posting it. There is absolutely no way I could do that. Guess I should never apply for the Amazing Race. You are fearless.