Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Melbourne

Wed 6PM - well, we got here yesterday and it's much cooler than Cairns, temperature-wise, so Melissa is much happier - she was hoping she wouldn't be living in Cairns-like weather. We made it up to the university today and saw where she will be living (the red & white building in the first picture) and some of the cool looking old buildings. Her room is right across the street from the university and only a couple of blocks from the civil engineering building.

Tomorrow we're going to go get a money order (they won't take a US check) for her 1st months rent and security deposit and try to get her moved in so she won't have to lug all her stuff around. She's going to a welcome program from the 15th - 19th and will be staying in a dorm but this way she can go ahead and get all her stuff to her room. We bought sheets and towels and a pillow and blanket - and an extra bag to carry everything in. She'll have a shared kitchen and bathroom but her own bedroom. Haven't seen the room yet.

I'm ready to come home - I miss all you guys (and my tv and dvr and 24-hour internet access). This will probably be my last post unless I get access at the airport. Oh yeah, Melbourne is pretty neat. OK, bye bye.

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