Sunday, February 10, 2008

Still raining in Cairns

9:30PM Friday
OK, so Cairns is pretty neat but not exactly what I expected. It's on a bay and you'd expect there to be a pretty beach, but the beach is ugly and unusable. At low tide it's just a muddy mess, and there's crocodiles (so they say - we didn't see any) and some kind of deadly jellyfish so you can't go into the water. There IS a beach you can use, but it's like the beach at Schlitterbahn - fake - actually a big swimming pool with a fake sand beach, right next to the real beach. Strange. And, as I said before, it's really hot and humid. Tomorrow we're going out on a boat to the reef so we should actually be able to get into the water.

Sun noon - Kuranda
Yesterday we took a boat ride out to a small island & bird sanctuary on the Great Barrier reef & snorkeled & did a semi-submersible boat ride. It was beautiful.

Today we took a scenic train thru the rainforest this am & are taking a sky-cable car back. Saw more kangaroos & melissa got to hold a koala! So cute.

Monday noon - posting from pda so no pictures - will try to add some later. Still raining here - we're ready to leave & get on to melbourne.

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Tim said...

Glad yall are having fun. Don't get sunburned. That would make it a really long trip home. Keep posting for those of us stuck at work. If I can't go I love reading about your fun.