Saturday, February 16, 2008

Travelin Home

Fri - 10:30am - well, melissa's all squared away & I'm at the airport almost on my way home. I'll be back in LA before I leave here & will be home yesterday (or something along those lines).

We got her housing squared away, got the money orders she needs to pay rent with, found out exactly where she needs to go today for her 4-day "welcome" program & figured out how to get there with all her stuff. She will be chking out of the hotel herself @ 10 & taking a taxi to the school. Bye sweetie! Love you!

Fri 11:30am (but 20? hours or so later) - back in the USA, ta da, back in the USA (singing mode off).

This is a long-ass trip! Stopped in Auckland for 2 hours, now in LA for 4 hours. Going thru Dallas so that's another long wait. Should've done direct but the travel agent got the cheapest flights. Lesson: always schedule flights yourself.

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