Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Australia Time

Tues 8pm Sydney time
Ugh. I'm getting tired of going to the airport every few days. Train, bus or car travel lets you sightsee & stuff & is part of the vacation but flying is just a waste of a day. Oh well, we're here but are just staying in the hotel tonight - got an early day tomorrow - bus tour to a wildlife area.

Internet @ the hotel is expensive so I can hopefully find a free signal somewhere tomorrow.

Wed 11am - on a tour bus to Blue Mtns & wildlife preserve - nice weather.

Pretty mountain views & we rode the "steepest train in the southern hemisphere" down to a rain forest. Then we went to a wildlife preserve & got to see a lot of animals & koalas real close up & walk around with them & pet kangaroos. It was really neat. We took a river ferry back to town instead of the bus & saw the big bridge & opera house. We're kinda tuckered out & melissa's leg hurts (she bruised it pretty badly on the jet boat) so I'm going out for takeout later and also look for free internet. Can't post pictures with this pda so will have to wait until later.

Thurs 2:30 pm
Today we slept late then took a city bus tour. It was nice until it started raining and we had to move down from the top. We got off to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, but it closed down a couple of months ago. So we came back to the room & are waiting for the rain to stop and then will head off to do some city walking. Tomorrow off to Cairns - early day again.

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Matt said...

I'm impressed that the hotels are charging for internet access. It seems that every hotel over here in the U.S. has free wireless internet.